WRF believes that all people, regardless of disability, have the right to participate fully in their communities, to attain education and viable employment.

Our Stories

Daddario donation

Thank you, D’Addario Foundation! WRF has become the recipient of a grant award from the D’Addario Foundation of Farmingdale, Long Island to help support the Music for Haiti Program. The award consists of a donation of $2,000 worth of music supplies from the D’Addario catalogue. The Foundation is the philanthropic arm of D’Addario Company, which is well known in the music world as one of the major producers of strings, primarily guitar strings. In addition to guitar strings, WRF received … read more

Congratulations to WRF’s long time board member, Dr. Kristjan T. Ragnarsson who has received the 2014 Frank H. Krusen, MD, Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (AAPM&R). “Dr. Ragnarsson was recognized for his outstanding contributions to patient care, research, education, community service, and involvement in Academy activities. Dr. Ragnarsson has served as the Chair of The Mount Sinai Hospital‘s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine since 1986, and has been responsible for the growth of its … read more

When Frantz, who is now 34 years old, was 10, he contracted polio. The illness affected both limbs, but primarily caused injury to the right leg. He was provided an orthotic device by the orthotic technician from Ecole St. Vincent, a program that was developed many years ago with the assistance of WRF and was then the only such program in Haiti.

A few months after Bethsina was born the 2010 earthquake struck Haiti, hitting her house and resulting in a wall falling on her. When she was able to be rescued and taken to the hospital, it was found that it was necessary to amputate her right leg above the knee. Following the amputation and several months of physical therapy she was referred to a prosthetics program and fitted with an artificial limb.

Iman, the 21 year-old bilateral below knee amputee, is a Syrian refugee from Hamah whose family settled five months ago in Bab el Tebbaneh in Tripoli-North Lebanon. Born with a congenital disease (Spina bifida), Iman started her journey of treatment and suffering at very young age. After a devastating infection in her legs four years ago, Iman had to undergo a bilateral amputation below the knee.